Research We Fund

Your generous support enables The ALS Association to fund millions of dollars in research every year, in locations across the globe. From individual projects to global collaborations, we provide funding to experts in a variety of scientific focus areas critical to advancing the search for treatments and cures for ALS.

Golden West Chapter Sponsored Research Initiatives

Sampling of Grants We Have Funded During the Past Year

Grant ID Project Title Applicant Award Start Date Award End Date Award Amount Primary Organization Program Name
22-PDF-609An Integrated Genome-Based Approach to Individualised Treatment in ALS and FTDAl Khleifat, Ahmad01/31/202209/30/2023150000.00King's College London, Institute of PsychiatryMilton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
23-SI-6212022 Holloway Postdoc Fellowship (AFTD/ALS Association)Anderson, Eric07/01/202206/30/202460000.00University of PittsburghStrategic Initiative
23-TC-631Harry J Hoenselaar ALS Clinic, Henry Ford Health Systems Detroit ProposalArcila Londono, Ximena12/01/202211/30/2026400000.00Henry Ford Health SystemTrial Capacity
23-CSDA-6182022 Clinician Scientist Development AwardArnold, Frederick07/01/202206/30/2025168000.00The Regents of the University of California (Irvine)Clinician Scientist Development Award
23-SI-622ALSUntangledBedlack, Richard07/01/202206/30/202566614.00Duke UniversityStrategic Initiative
23-SGP-638Developing a blood test for the early detection of ALSDempster, Emma12/01/202211/30/202349987.00University of ExeterSeed Grants Program
22-DDC-613GLP Studies on Antisense Oligonucleotide TherapiesElbaum, Daniel01/31/202201/30/2024500000.00QurAlis CorporationThe Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Drug Development Award
22-CTA-610RAPA-501 Hybrid TREG/Th2 Cell Therapy of ALSFowler, Daniel01/01/202212/31/20231000000.00Rapa Therapeutics, LLCClinical Trial Awards
23-DDC-625TRPML1 small molecule agonists for the treatment of ALSGill, Martin10/01/202209/30/2024450272.00Libra Therapeutics, Inc.The Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Drug Development Award
23-PDF-645Unraveling the Mechanism of Cryptic RNA Splicing Induced by TDP-43 PathologyGuo, Caiwei12/01/202211/30/2024150000.00Stanford University School of MedicineMilton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
23-SGP-626Establishing an African ALS-research network to transform the ALS landscapeHeckmann, Jeannine10/01/202209/30/202350000.00University of Cape TownSeed Grants Program
23-TC-647Enhancement of Trial Capacity at Temple University ALS Center of HopeHeiman-Patterson, Terry11/01/202210/31/2026400000.00Temple University – Of The Commonwealth System of Higher EducationTrial Capacity
23-SGP-627Uncovering the proteome of TDP-43 condensates in human neuronsHornstein, Eran11/01/202211/01/202350000.00Weizmann Institute of ScienceSeed Grants Program
22-CTA-614Repurposing Enoxacin therapy for patients with ALSHornstein, Eran01/01/202212/31/2023750000.00Weizmann Institute of ScienceClinical Trial Awards
23-SGP-640Multisite Customizable Assistive Technology InterventionJanes, William12/01/202211/30/202350000.00The Curators of the University of MissouriSeed Grants Program
23-SEA-6202022 Sheila Essey Award for ALS ResearchKiernan, Matthew07/01/202206/30/202350000.00Neuroscience Research Australia (Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute)Sheila Essey Award
22-DDC-606Preclinical evaluation of bemcentinib as a novel therapeutic for ALSLee, Virginia01/15/202201/14/2024500000.00Perelman School of Medicine, University of PennsylvaniaThe Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Drug Development Award
23-PDF-628Potentiation of a nuclear-import receptor to counteract aberrant TDP-43 assemblyLinsenmeier, Miriam11/01/202210/31/2024133490.00Perelman School of Medicine, University of PennsylvaniaMilton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
22-PDF-605Pathomechanisms of ALS caused by SPTLC1 mutationsPant, Devesh01/15/202201/14/2024150000.00Emory UniversityMilton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
23-SGP-630Axl receptor as novel biomarker across the ALS and FTD spectrumPeviani, Marco12/01/202211/30/202350000.00University of Pavia (Università degli Studi di Pavia)Seed Grants Program
23-PDF-623Applying the human disaggregase, HtrA1, to counter Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisPURI, ANURADHIKA08/01/202207/31/2024150000.00Washington University in St.LouisMilton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
23-TC-644Safety & therapeutic potential of metformin for C9orf72 ALSRanum, Laura12/01/202211/30/2024500000.00University of FloridaClinical Trial Awards
23-PDF-639[RESUBMISSION] Determining Changes in RNA and Protein Metabolism in ALS iMNsRhine, Kevin12/01/202211/30/2024150000.00The Regents of the University of California, San DiegoMilton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
22-CTA-615Target NMJ to maintain motor functions in ALSRobitaille, Richard01/30/202201/29/2025996938.06University of Montreal (Université de Montréal)Clinical Trial Awards
22-DDC-608ASO mediated knockdown of CHMP7 as a novel therapeutic strategy for ALS/FTDRothstein, Jeffrey01/01/202212/31/2023494444.00Johns Hopkins University School of MedicineThe Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Drug Development Award
22-DDC-607Antagonism of RAGE/DIAPH1 and Therapies for Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisSchmidt, Ann Marie01/01/202212/31/2023500000.00New York University Grossman School of MedicineThe Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Drug Development Award
23-SGP-641To investigate the relationship between exposure to tropical infections and ALSShahrizaila, Nortina12/01/202211/30/202349842.45University of MalayaSeed Grants Program
23-CRTF-6192022 Clinical Research Training ScholarshipShellikeri, Sanjana07/01/202206/30/2024105000.00Perelman School of Medicine, University of PennsylvaniaClinical Research Training Fellow
22-CTA-611Acute adenosine receptor antagonism to promote breathing plasticity in ALSSmith, Barbara01/01/202212/31/2024880826.00University of FloridaClinical Trial Awards
23-SI-616Establishing causative roles for SARM1 coding & expression level variants in ALSSreedharan, Jemeen03/01/202208/31/2024400000.00King's College London, Institute of PsychiatryStrategic Initiative
23-TC-632Increasing trial accessibility in underserved populationsStatland, Jeffrey12/01/202212/01/2026400000.00University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute, Inc.Trial Capacity
23-SI-617Maintain the SOD1 breeding colony in 2022Torvund-Jensen, Julie02/01/202201/31/2023343410.00Taconic Biosciences, Inc.Strategic Initiative
23-SGP-635An Embedded Psychosocial Service for Patients with ALS and Informal CaregiversVranceanu, Ana Maria12/01/202211/30/202349995.00Massachusetts General Hospital (Mass General)Seed Grants Program
23-TC-633Saint Alphonsus ALS Trial ExpansionWhitesell, Jackie12/01/202212/01/2026123844.00Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Research InstituteTrial Capacity